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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since New Era's release three months ago, the reception the slashTHREE staff and artists have received for this project has been mind-blowing. It was on show at OFFF 2011, as well as SIGGRAPH 2011 and on our very own online shop. We are proud to report that the “New Era” books have been completely sold out, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the overwhelming amount of support.

Today however, the collective proudly unveils its seventeenth exhibition, an exhibition in which the artists were asked to reflect on some of the literature that inspires them in their daily lives. Each piece in “Quote Unquote” is based on a quote – famous, cultural, or even from the artist’s own life – and is created to represent that quote and its meaning to the artist. The result is a library of  60  of the collective’s finest and most personally meaningful works to date.

Just before the New Era project was launched, slashTHREE welcomed Tarin Yuangtrakul, a 19 year old artist from Thailand. Tarin’s impact on the collective was instantaneous, and his two submissions to “Quote Unquote” demonstrate the progress he has made as an artist since joining the collective, and showed true dedication to the exhibition. Tarin’s sublime mixture of traditional and digital art was something new which captivated the entire artist core. Tarin Yuangtrakul has become not only the first traditional artist to be named as the “featured artist” for a slashTHREE exhibition, but also the youngest artist in slashTHREE’s history to receive the honour. Site Director Saad Moosajee sat down with Tarin to discuss life and art; you can read the interview here.

There is a number of amazing things coming from SlashTHREE in the second half of 2011, so keep an eye on our home page, as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts for announcements and updates! For now though, please feast your eyes on Exhibition 17: “Quote Unquote”.

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Really good released guys. Bravo !
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Sweeet great work
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Congratulations everyone. Solid exhibition.
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